Cape of Good Hope
Seated Hope rectangular 1864-1898

The course of events which led up to the change in the shape and design of the Cape stamps has already been outlined, and in January 1864 the One Shilling stamp, being the first of perforated adhesives of the rectangular pattern, made its appearance.. The first rectangular stamps, designed by Mr. Charles Bell, Surveyor General, engraved and surface printed by Messrs. De La Rue & Co. In January 1863, proof impressions from the new die were forwarded to the Crown Agents by Messrs. De La Rue & Co and met with their cordial approval, and without waiting for official authority from the Cape, instructions were given for the immediate preparation of the necessary plates for the Six Pence and One Shilling. All the rectangular stamps were by Messrs. De La Rue & Co for the purpose of the Cape Government. My collection shows the Seated Hope rectangulars who were used in the period from January 1864 till 31May 1910 when the Cape joined the Union of South Africa.

1. Plates
1.1. Die Proofs
1.2. Plate Proofs
1.3. Sheet arrangement
1.4. Plate flaws

2. Watermarks
2.1. Watermark Crown CC
2.2. Watermark Crown CA
2.3. Watermark Cable Anchor

3. Colors
3.1. ?penny colors
3.2. 1 penny colors
3.3. 2 pence colors
3.4. 2?pence colors
3.5. 3 pence colors
3.6. 4 pence colors
3.7. 6 pence colors
3.8. 1 shilling colors
3.9. 5 shilling colors

4. Overprinted
4.1. Cape of Good Hope overprints
4.2. Griqualand-West overprints
4.3. British Bechuanaland overprints
4.4. Bechuanaland Protectorate overprints
4.5. Stellaland Military Telegraphs overprints
4.6. Rhodesia overprints
4.7. Mafeking Siege overprints
4.8. Vryburg overprints
4.9. Orange River Colony overprints

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