1. Plates and stereos

1.1. Die proof

1.2. Plate proofs

1.3. Sheet arrangement
1.4. Plate flaws

2. Watermarks
2.1. Watermark Crown CC
2.2. Watermark Crown CA
2.3. Watermark Cable Anchor

3. Colors
3.1. 1/2 penny colors
3.2. 1 penny colors
3.3. 2 pence colors
3.4. 2 1/2 pence colors
3.5. 3 pence colors
3.6. 4 pence colors
3.7. 6 pence colors
3.8. 1 shilling colors
3.9. 5 shilling colors

4. Overprinted
4.1. Cape of Good Hope overprints
4.2. Griqualand-West overprints
4.3. British Bechuanaland overprints
4.4. Bechuanaland Protectorate overprints

3.5. Stellaland Military Telegraphs overprints

4.6. Rhodesia overprints
4.7. Mafeking Siege overprints
4.8. Vryburg overprints
4.9. Orange River Colony overprints

Total view
Total view


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